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[mahr-ki-ting] (, /browse/marketing?s=t, 15-1-2016)
The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes the co-ordination of four elements called the 4P’s of marketing. (, /definition/marketing.html, 15-1-2016)

Sophisticated business marketing requires a range of knowledge that will build long term relationships with customers. Modern marketing professionals need to devise a marketing strategy that relies upon cutting-edge knowledge about consumer behaviour and consumption practices, strategy formulation and implementation, and innovation and new product development. Marketing courses cover a number of topics such as digital marketing, social media marketing, brand management and media studies.

Media Programmes offered by the University of Leicester, serve as a broad introduction to the study of communications media, explores the key themes and issues in contemporary media and communication research. These masters degrees are designed to offer professionals who are already employed in the communications industries a chance to review current professional and industrial practices.

Students learn 100% online using a cutting-edge virtual learning platform. The course covers topics such as consumer analysis and the planning and implementation of marketing programs. The skills and knowledge gained from the business modules within this course also prepare graduates to follow a number of different career paths as we help them to develop a solid grounding in research, reporting, analysis and presentation.

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