Executive Management courses from the UK

About Management

[man-ij-muh nt] (dictionary.com, http://dictionary.reference.com /browse/management?s=t, 15-1-2016)
The organisation and coordination of the activities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives. Management is often included as a factor of production along with machines, materials and money.

According to the management guru Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the basic task of management includes both marketing and innovation. (businessdictionary.com, http://www.businessdictionary.com /definition/management.html, 15-1-2016)

Stafford offers business administration courses from 3 top UK institutes. Programmes offered range from doctorate, masters, bachelor, diploma to certificate level. These management programmes will enable professionals to visibly improve their time management techniques, project management skills, and management systems. By learning how to manage time and perform effectively in their organisations, professionals such as operations managers, project management professionals and supply chain managers are able to apply their skills to the job almost as soon as they start their chosen programme.

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