Online Education

Studying at a distance doesn’t mean that we will leave you to it. Our experience in this kind of delivery means that you can expect a strong network of support.

You will need to think about where and when you are going to study, and how regular study time will fit into your life. You will also need to prepare a place or places that will provide you with the most comfortable and convenient environment to study. This could be at home, at your place of work or even a coffee shop

Course Materials

Materials for distance education programmes vary from course to course (diploma, bachelor courses and MBA), but often include textbooks and can either be sent in the post to you, picked up personally or can be found online.

Good internet access is vital for the majority of distance learning courses, and will allow you to make use of the online education resources at the respective university. Teaching and learning at our partner university from the UK is supported by use of an online virtual learning platform, which can be accessed by registered users from anywhere in the world. This online platform forms an integral part of the learning experience for most distance learning students. It provides a learning environment in Saudi Arabia and around the world which enables:

  • access to some or all course materials
  • online discussion between students and tutors using discussion boards
  • access to presentations and tutorials
  • assignment submission and feedback facilities

The university’s library has an extensive service for Distance Learning students. There is usually an online catalogue and internet and database services. Some books are available as e-books and can be accessed on the University’s Library website, as can e-journals.


Depending on your programme of study, you may be required to submit essays and coursework. In most cases, these will be submitted online. Some courses include examinations which can be arranged to be taken at the Stafford Study Centre. The final stage of Master’s programmes is a written dissertation on a topic agreed between you and your tutor.

Detailed feedback on all assessments will be provided from a tutor.

For more information, or assistance to choose the right programme, fill in a contact form, or call us on +971 7 203 1204.

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